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Welcome! My husband Walter and I started this journey over a decade ago. Motivated by health and financial concerns, we began with a large garden at the first home we owned, then progressed to raising chickens, muscovy ducks, and pigs, all on our half acre in town!  We quickly learned that every time we talked about the skills we were honing, from breadmaking to butchering, people wanted to join us.  As our family grew, we knew more space was needed, especially since both of us had grown up on family farms and longed to give that experience to our children.

In early 2020, we moved to our current farmstead, where we’ve been able to enlarge our flocks  and start hosting more people. After one butchering day had over 5 families present, we realized that there was a very real need for this type of knowledge and hands-on teaching, beyond just inviting friends to join us for our twice a year harvest.  Our first advertised workshops were held in 2022, and we have loved every minute! 


Now we offer a seasonal rotation of classes and workshops, all from our heart for equipping others and making these skills approachable and attainable.  We distill the knowledge we’ve spent years learning- either the hard way or through sitting at the feet of those who've gone before into each of our workshops and ebooks so that you can get a running start in your own journey.  


We’d love to have you come along and join us on the road to learning lost skills, living more sustainably, and letting go of perfection!



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